Thursday, June 10, 2004

a more recent one....

a year old perhaps

She couldn’t picture a better place for her to settle down... it was simply all that she had imagined…the room was painted white…the bed was just in the right place… for she touched his sheets tenderly, lied in the bed, looked at the selling and smiled…she almost could imagined little clouds hanging there… like they were moved by a soft tender whisper…her undertone…yes they were indeed heavenly taught …But Luna, she was different, her glow came from an much higher force, higher then the ones we are taught about, her own inner glow…we could watch her for hours she seemed so sweet, so tender and then at the same time so distant…like she was not among us creatures of this world, fragile (like a blind baby animal when he’s is born …) feather? Leaf? Petal?

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