Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At the request of many..here goes a translation..

You said you would run away cause you could, but you wouldn't...
Is it because the truth is too hard and you don't wanna face it?
you always wanna be something more, but you can't, you wish hard
to fly or simply dissapear, you could do it..but you are not that strong,
you have always someone waiting for you, wherever you are. Tell me
I'm not wrong, that you feel the things you say, deep down inside
your dirty soul, there is a heart that lives, beats, suffers, even cries,
and it's more human then you, because your wicked, demonic, your not
the man I love, that I want, the one I wisper too..Everyday I try to find
you..but I never do. Tell me where you are, where can I find you..who said
I even wanted to find you? maybe I'm tired.. the search can be long...
I don't settle for little, I always want more...this insatiable being of mine,
wishes the very essence of sin, I want a different body every night, and as
I wake up..I wanna touch deep inside..Scream!


Willie Baronet said...

WOW! What a cool poem, and it really works with that image. Thanks so much for translating it! :-)

My booger poem seems very silly in comparison. ;-)

aeneadellaluna said...

I appreciate it!
there's no such thing as a booger poem.. :) all poem have lots of mucus, different kinds..but all from the inside! ihhihi